Well and Septic Information

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A wealth of information exists on the web to answer all of your questions regarding wells and septics. Everything from explaining how they work, how to maintain them and where to learn more.

For Wells

Well Aware is supported by the government of Ontario to explain how to keep your well water healthy, new rules about installing and maintaining wells etc. etc.

Peterborough County Health Unit describes the different tests for water quality, how to disinfect your private well, and how to care for your private well.

Ontario Ground Water Association provides support to private well owners across Ontario and professionals who work with them.

Trent Conservation Coalition discusses how we are keeping our water safe in the Kawarthas

Peterborough Green-Up also has information concerning wells

For Septics

Peterborough County Health Unit has information concerning Sewage Disposal - application for installation and for inspecting existing septic system. Along with tips how to care and feed your septic system.

Ontario On-site Wastewater Association Find inspectors, designers, installers and service providers here. Also provides some basic information on septics.

Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre

CMHC actually has some good basic information concerning how septics actually work and what not to put into your septic system.

Tarion (the New Home Warranty Program) has a detailed package concerning septics - explaining the different types, how you should maintain it and what not to do - That large, flat piece of land was just sitting there so we. built a driveway over it or flooded it so the kids could have a skating rink (causing the water to back into the house).

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